Start by doing what’s necessary; then do what’s possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible.
— St. Francis of Assisi


Executive Director

Randy’s House was borne out of a need in my life for structure, purpose, and accountability. I had been in and out of treatment centers for the better part of my adult life which put me in a unique position to understand where the need was for people in recovery. I hope with Randy’s House we can continue to reduce stigma within communities, work a plan for the individual, reintegrate addicts in to happy healthy lives, and give back when we can.



Executive Assistant to Director; Chief Operating Officer - Participant Program/Program Funding; Certified Peer Recovery Coach

I am a recovering heroin addict who came to Randy's House in the spring of 2017. I am a certified peer support recovery coach, acu-detox specialist, and Reiki Master.



Chief Operating Officer - Residential/Administrative Operations; Certified Peer Recovery Coach

Most know her as Vic. A firm, compassionate person with a lot of humor thrown in. Vic shows a great passion in helping those who suffer from addiction. Vic is herself a person in long term recovery with a background in supervision and troubleshooting. Her goal is to guide individuals on their recovery journey with a personalized approach.


Linnette Kellogg Edwards

Director of Finance; Chief Operating Officer Business/Admin operations

I am 30 plus years into recovery from cocaine addiction and I am honored to have been welcomed into the Randy's House organization in June, 2019.  I look forward to the coming years with our team as we continue to make a positive difference in the transformation of a multitude of lives.


Bobbi S. Foley, cprc

Director of Recovery Coach and intake operations; Certified Peer Recovery Coach

Recovery has been my primary goal since October 28, 2014. I became an alcoholic at a very young age which caused my life to become unmanageable in many different aspects. I lived in isolation for the last 7 years of my addiction and I developed severe depression and anxiety. My physical and mental health suffered greatly as I self-medicated with alcohol on a daily basis. One day I woke to the gift of desperation. Knowing I could no longer keep living the life of an untreated alcoholic, I sought out a residential treatment center and was given a recovery coach.  I also received a lot of support from the AA fellowship. I have now restored many broken relationships and become a healthy strong woman who wakes up every day clean and sober. l look forward to continuing to be the best mom, grandmother and spouse I can be.


Lori Hackett, PRC

Intake Specialist/Coordinator; Peer Recovery Coach

My name is Lori Hackett. I am 58-years old and have been an active alcoholic most of my life. After several attempts to quit drinking on my own, and a handful of treatment facilities; my son and future daughter-in-law found Randy's House. I arrived scared, apprehensive and despondent with no hope for my recovery. But I jumped into the program as I considered it to be my last chance to live. I embraced the tools and knowledge that I acquired from therapy, meetings, groups, and the people in the program who I have come to know and love. I am now the Director of Community Outreach and Volunteer Operations, House Manager in the women's house and the Intake Specialist and Coordinator for those coming in to the program. Just as I had. I love both what I do, and the peers who surround me every day.


Jessica Butler

Front Desk Operations

Like so many, my past includes a struggle with substance abuse. I am thankful and excited to be a part of the Randy's House team and for the opportunity to help others who share my struggle.


Deb Lautner, CPRC

Certified Peer Recovery Coach

Welcome to Randy's House. My name is Deb Lautner and I am one of your Recovery Coaches. I was certified in 2012 when I worked with Dr. Bev in her IOP Groups at North Kent Guidance. During that time I was part of the RISC Steering Committee that helped establish the Montcalm Alano Club. I also served on their Board. In 2017 I was hired by Montcalm Care Network to serve the 8th Circuit Recovery Court Program as the Recovery Coach for Montcalm County. I am delighted to now be a part of the Randy's House team where I stay sober by sharing my experience, strength and hope.


Chris Williams, CPRC

Director of RSAT Programming; Certified Peer Recovery Coach

I have been sober since 1983.  Together with Mike Helmer, I have been involved in giving back through recovery work, beginning when I was newly sober.  I am honored to now be a Recovery Coach in the Randy's House team as well as the Director of our Residential Substance Abuse Treatment Program (RSAT Program).  The Randy's House RSAT Program has expanded tremendously since implementation in the Montcalm County Jail and I am truly excited to be a part of this program's continued growth.


Glen tyson

Recovery Coach

I graduated from Ionia High in 1969 and have been a resident of Belding for the last 38 years. I have a background as a Die Maker/Machinist and have spent 25 years as a Mechanical Design Engineer. My wife Ann and I have been married for 36 years, and we have been living in recovery for over 31 years.

I have been trained and certified as a Peer Recovery Coach since 2015 while also residing on the advisory board for I/M FAN “Ionia/Montcalm Families Against Narcotics” since its conception in 2015. I work closely with the Recovery Court Teams for the 8th Circuit Court of Ionia/Montcalm counties and perform volunteer work at Relevant Recovery/Randy’s House in Greenville as a Recovery Coach.


Tim Hoyer

Director of Maintenance Operations

I used to drink, now I don't. Thank you Randy's House!!


A.J. Rivard

Director of Community Outreach; Volunteer Operations; Event Operations

I quit drinking and I finally love myself!!